2015 Ulster Senior Football Championship - Part Deux

For fucks sake @rocko, what the fuck? I was in the middle of a conversation with @Chucks_Nwoko

@Chucks_Nwoko - no problem pal, perfectly understandable, just sorry I couldn’t get the bonus point for us. I knew I should have gone with Hawthorn as well, just couldn’t bring myself to.

Rock ban this cunt.

There we go. This is just symptomatic of the larger issue at play here; an increasing number of posts are being deleted, censored and even edited externally. Now we have one man shutting down a whole thread, because he woke up this morning and decided he didn’t feel like seeing it anymore. Fuck you @Rocko . If Armagh OR Tyrone OR Derry had won Ulster, would you have risked upsetting @Nembo_Kid with such an authoritarian act? Fuck you.

No problem @Fitzy. Next time, pal.