2017 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


The Birmingham six or the Guildford Foutr didn’t get off on the first attempt either. Hang in there Dermo.


Can’t spell Connolly without Conlon. I suggest the Dublin County Board get onto Gareth Pierce and Chris Mullin.


Not an appeal. A hearing.


Interesting. Thats not what I had been hearing.


It’s being incorrectly reported as an appeal everywhere when in fact it’s just a hearing. Thus the name central hearings committee. It’s at this level that obvious mistakes are corrected. He will appeal now and its at this stage that technicalities etc are brought in to play.

Disciplinary Process Summary

Misconduct at Games Infraction

The Competitions Control Committee proposes a penalty. It is either accepted or rejected.
If an individual or unit does not accept the purposed penalty, a Hearing is granted.
The Hearings Committee (decision makers) either impose a penalty or exonerate based on evidence presented during the Hearing.
If a penalty is imposed by the Hearings Committee, and the Defending Party is not willing to accept the imposed penalty, then an Appeal can be lodged to the Appeals Committee.
The Appeal is heard by the Appeals Committee. If an Appeal is unsuccessful then the penalty remains imposed and all avenues of Appeal are now exhausted within the GAA (The Appeal can only be successful where there has been a clear infringement or misapplication of Rule by the Hearings Committee or the Appellant’s right to a fair hearing has otherwise been compromised to such extent that a clear injustice has occurred).
However, if the Defending Party is still not willing to accept the imposed penalty, a request for Arbitration may be lodged to the DRA (Disputes Resolution Authority) who are an external Independent Body

What a pile of wank of a process by the way.


Listen, these fellas have to get up for work in the morning, they deserve every loophole possible to get out of suspension.


There are processes and procedures that need to be followed and expenses that need to be claimed.


‘He not that type of player’.

‘He’s a lovely fella off the pitch’.


If he met you in a bar, you’d have a pain in your face from talking with him.


Brendan O’Sullivan?
Keith Higgins?


Take your pick sure.

  • Diarmuid Connolly
  • Tiernan McCann
  • Aidan O’Mahony
  • Cillian O’Connor

  • Cathal McCarron

Actually no, wait, he is that type of person.


What’s the schedule of live televised games across both codes this weekend, chaps?


Saturday 17 June

Leinster SFC semi-final
Meath v Kildare, O’Connor Park, 7pm - Sky Sports

Sunday 18 June

Munster SHC semi-final
Cork v Waterford, Semple Stadium, 4pm - RTE

Ulster SFC semi-final
Tyrone v Donegal, Clones, 2pm - RTE


Thanks, pal. 2 good football match ups there.


Best weekend so far



Big time. Anytime Roscommon and Leitrim go head to head is a massive occasion and probably tops anything that we have seen so far this summer. Throw in 2 other cracking local derbies and it should be a super weekend.


Take your medicine you tramp


You’re such a vindictive cock when it suits you. The bile will overcome you some day.