2017 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


Clearly exceptional movement to get away from his marker


Some discussion on twitter with some analysts about O Connor and if he is marquee or not


You sure?


Oh dear, is that what you’re reduced to, editing a post to get a jibe in against a man from the same county as me? Cmon Spidey, you’re far better than this. You even got a “tae in the mug” from @dodgy_keeper FFS :joy:




His changing a post about COC not being in court to me being in court? Nah, man.






Did you ever condemn “Wooly” for his assault?


Yes. We had a long hard discussion about it. He knows I did wrong.


Must have missed that.


I doubt you’ve been in Peigs of a Monday Club.


A damning indictment .


Seems like you’re trying to downplay an assault in public, funny given your outrage over Connolly.



Cult of Cillian.


Not remotely. I even took it up with the man himself. In fact I took it up in person with both assailants.


Must have missed that…


We all missed that.


Unbelievable. I was just about to refer to the unthinking belief that Cillian O’Connor is a MARQUEE forward as the “Cult of COC”.


Diarmuid Connolly LOSES his appeal against his 12 week suspension. Thank god that’s all over.

I’m sure that’s where this will end now and we’ll never hear anything more about it.