2017 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


Three more results:
Longford 2-15 Louth 1-10
Laois 2-16 Wicklow 3-10
Sligo 0-22 Antrim 3-7


Cracking start to this.


1-2 for Cathal McNally already.


Yeah, they tear the arse out of it.


Meath forwards making little headway. Kildare well on top all over the field


Corner back badly caught out for the goal. I wonder was he unsighted by the strong sunlight??


Kildare leading 1-5 to 0-2.


McNally doing untold


There was a Meath player (Harnan?) in hectares of space out on the right a few minutes back. Real shooting chance. He just waited for a Kildare player to come across to him and then turned around and laid it off. Very poor stuff.


Yes it was Harnan


Is there some forum bragging rights coming from this game?


Dublin v Westmeath should attract a bumper attendance as a stand alone fixture at Croke Park. 20k, I’d say.


Just said on the radio there that 1/4 of the Kildare team failed at normal sports


Despite his ridiculous haircut Cilian O’Sullivan is definitely a player with serious potential.


I think we will be able to declare Cian O’Neill the greatest coach in history.

I think we can also say that S&C Coaches are better coaches than most standard GAA coach.

But other than that not much


He’d want to look up an odd time though.


A handful of these Kildare lads are frighteningly good


Meath certainly making them look good anyway.


That was hilarious from Senan Connell.

“Kildare’s defence is so well structured - they’ve a bank of three players across that 45 - Johnny Byrne, Eoin Doyle, Keith Cribben and Mick O’Grady, they’ve a bank of players across that 45 metre line and they’re occupying that green grass that Meath so well utilised against Louth the last day.”


Kildare’s full backline are utterly dominant. Hard to see any hope for Meath