2017 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


Kildare 1-10 Meath 0-4. HT.


Will Kildare trouble Dublin?


They might. Dublin are the down slide.


Meath are shite.


Is it confirmed for Croke Park?


Brophy is a fair footballer


I heard he failed at AFL.


Meath lads don’t know when to shoot.


Yes. Croke Park is the only convenient neutral venue of the required standard and/or capacity for a match of such stature.


Is it confirmed?


Handicap is five. Worth a bet that Meath will cover that. A goal for Meath will rock Kildare


Ya the type of training McAntee does means slow starts and strong finishes.


Kildare looked awesome against Laois, but came up against nothing of note. I believe they are mentally weak and if Meath hit them quickly in the second half they’ll rattle the shit out of them.


4 on the spin for Meath.


Who is Meath no 19? Looks to have it, in spades.


25 degrees at 8pm

Tempers might heat up too


O’Coileáin or something?


Who are the five thickos on the pitch that don’t have one?

Paddy O’Rourke is definitely one, I’d say.


Bryan Menton playing like Brian Fenton now. Kicking points for fun.


McQuillan havibg a nightmare few mins. At least 3 soft frees for kildare and a dreadful pull back on a free for Meath when they were atreaming thru the middle