2017 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


Carew :smile:


I recall Laois had to replay against Armagh last year after they beat Armagh in the Championship and used an extra sub They then went onto beat Armagh again in the refixture. I’m not sure if its been mentioned on the forum before, but these two wins, made up 4 wins Laois had over Armagh in a 12 month period.


He’s some eejit that fella.


Look i didn’t see much of that game, but thats what a Kerry player told me. He was there.




I see that an Anthony Nolan from Wicklow reffed the Roscommon-Leitrim game at the weekend. Does anyone know if it’s the same Anthony Nolan who played centre-back for Wicklow during the 2000s? Was always one of their better players.


Occlusion glasses, fucking hell :joy:

Games gone man.


Clare cut them open a couple of times and should have had another goal at least.


Coulda, shoulda, nearly, never bulled the cow.


The Dublin media bandwagon has found a bew focus now that Connolly is off the front pages for a while.

Dealing with being targeted by the opposition is Brian Fenton’s ‘biggest challenge’ - Ciaran Whelan http://the42.ie/3455158


I’d say it rots the wheelie bin to see a proper midfielder playing for Dublin, not an ape like himself.


He’s a gas prick though, completely biased towards Dublin.

Not a word from him when Antrim were taking it in turns to foul Michael Murphy in midfield.

You’d often see that utter cunt of of a ‘footballer’ Michael Darragh MacAuley going around committing the fouls that he’s on about to try and take proper midfielders out of the game and not a peep from Whelan.


Just had a look at the draw and should the games pan out as we think and Mayo/Donegal avoid each other in round 3 of the qualifiers, then we will be looking at a QF draw like below:

Dublin v Monaghan
Tyrone v Kildare
Kerry v Mayo
Galway v Donegal

They would be four good QFs with Kerry/Mayo obviously being the pick.


Can Mayo play Galway in the last 8 mate ?


Maybe. I’m not sure though.

About time Kerry finally drew a tough QF under Fitzmaurice.


Yeah I thought they could to be honest but heard someone on the radio last week saying Mayo were almost certain to play Kerry in the last 8.

I was of the opinion that only provincial finals can’t be repeated in the quarters. Sure didn’t Kerry play Clare in last 8 last year after meeting them in Munster semi final


It could be something to do with the chance of Cork being in the last 8. If Cork win their round 4 qualifier then it means Mayo would certainly face Kerry should they progress that far?


Ah here…Cork win a round 4 qualifier. Come on mate you’re stretching things there


You would imagine they have to take advantange of their parachute ride to the last 12 at some point.