2017 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


There’s not much between the two sides though. Maybe Clare are better organised but a win either way would not be a surprise.


Why have all the big guns got home advantage? Could have been tasty matches if Longford, Derry and Sligo were at home.


It is, but they’ve got Donie, and therefore are always a threat going forward. But the poor fucker can’t do it on his own all the time Ffs. But going backwards, holy shit it’s fucking tragic how clueless they are. Two wing forwards at corner back!


Clare are better, there’s no doubt about it, far better organized and mentally stronger. Donie gives us a chance but if you put a man in front, behind and either side you’ll probably hold him to 1-3 or so.

TBH the more I think of it, it’d be a massive upset were Laois to win this.


First out of the hat got home advantage. Just coincidence I think.


ah ok, hot balls, cold balls.


A first renewal of the Charles J. Haughey derby since 2007.

I’d love it if there were trophies awarded any time particular counties play against each other in the championship, in the same way international rugby teams play for trophies, ie. Scotland and Ireland play for the Centenary Quaich.


It would be a huge surprise for Clare not to win.

Do you think Laois would rattle Kerrys cage?


They would in their holes.




The more I think about it Clare are a great bet at evens


If I were to rank the bottom 5 counties in the SFC at the moment, I’d have it at (1 being the worst in this instance)

  1. NY
  2. London
  3. Leitrim
  4. Wicklow
  5. Laois

Wexford, Waterford, Antrim or Carlow could be there or thereabouts, but, I doubt I’m far off tbh.


Leix will fancy themselves to win this match and I fancy them to win, too, based on little other than their tradition of being a mid-ranking football county who can sometimes rattle a few bigger cages, and Clare’s tradition of being a minnow.

Traditional minnow counties are never to be trusted when they are expected to win a championship match against a county who have traditionally been ranked higher than them, especially away from home in the qualifiers against a team in another province. With hurling counties such as Clare, the whole football show is never more than one match away from collapse.

Clare won by a single point against Leix last year and that was in Ennis so I don’t understand your confidence that they will win this year’s renewal in Maryborough.


Oh I’m sorry I thought Kerry beat Clare by 6 points with 14 men in their first Championship outing.

I must have missed where they rattled them.


Tryhard alert.


To be fair, Clare did lead during the second half and Kerry only really pulled away in the last ten minutes.

However, there’s also a tradition where weaker counties put up a gallant display against a big gun in the provincial championship before falling flat on their faces in the qualifiers against a non-big gun.


You’re being very harsh on Leitrim and Laois there mate. Leitrim would beat Wicklow and Waterford


Sligo used too many subs :open_mouth:


Massive boost for @Nembo_Kid and the province of Ulster


Whats the procedure for this now? Replay?