2017 GAA National Hurling League (Also incorporating Division 1B, in reality the division everyone cares about)

Fucked if I can find a threa for this either.

Looking forward to hammering those Limerick cunts yet again.

Davy has already thrun in the towel.

Waterford will win the League.

They will also beat KK in the Final. 10 years in the making.

Wexford will not get out of 1b Galway will

We will take care of ye

Galway seem to have been very quiet so far, a few players dropped and Joe still injured.

They will be looking to summer . They could not give a fook for league . They know what they need to do . Fine side .

Galway always took the league serious bar last year and management will be under pressure Galway Z

Playing fast and loose with the term “star”


“Hi Michael”