2018/2019 UEFA Champions League Round of 8


Man City
Man united
Tottenham Hotspur

Game on bitches


Some traditional European heavyweights in there, and a few blows in.


4x :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


United v Juve
Liverpool v Ajax
Barca v City
Spurs v Porto


Nouveau rich Spuds and Man City are the only clubs left in there who have not won the CL previously.


Only a matter of time for one of those two


Open draw ? Can English clubs meet ?


Great to see two of the underdogs of the game, little old Manchester City and little old Tottenham Hotspur mixing it with the big boys and keeping company with six former and mulitple winners of the tournament. David v Goliath stuff from the 1981 FA Cup finalists.


Liverpool, Juventus and Porto you’re presumably referring to as the blow ins? Porto the last of the 8 to win their first European trophy in 1987, Juventus the second last to win their first European trophy in 1977 and Liverpool the last of the four English representatives to win their first European trophy in 1973.

Spurs, Man U and Barcelona were all winning European trophies in the


Don’t leave us hanging like that mate


Manchester United will win this out . The spawny little cunt Sol Shire will in turn be found out before Christmas next year ( like Di Mateo ) and be shit canned .


Are City really CL favourites again?



Winning European trophies in the 1960’s.

Spurs were in the semi finals of the European Cup in 1962. Liverpool were in the 2nd division of English football in that same season 1961/62. Over the first seven seasons of the European Cup, when the Busby Babes were trailblazing for English clubs in Europe, Liverpool spent each of those seven seasons in the second tier of English football. Any wonder Liverpool fans like @Ralphie have such an inferiority complex and view themselves as blow ins, in European football terms.


Two goals and two assists for Leo tonight. Would be great if Barca and Juve met at some point


I hope for:
Liverpool v FC Porto
Manchester City v Juventus
Barcelona v Manchester United
Tottenham v Ajax

I expect:
Manchester United v Liverpool
Manchester City v FC Porto
Barcelona v Juventus
Ajax v Tottenham



Barcelona? Yes fucking please.



Here we go lads


Ajax vs Juventus