2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship




Pretty filthy from O’Connor


It was filthy


Lovely score from Duggan.

Mayo are their own worst enemies as usual.


Stone wall red. Correct decision. Forearm smash to the face under the refs nose - idiotic.


So, so, so many of the Mayo players cannot and will not take a shot on their weaker foot.


Shite from Loftus. Galway will have a player sent off if they get the ball inside.


Loftus is a bit of a shaper.


I thought it was very harsh until the replay filthy stroke


The ref will even it up yet. I thought he’d given Galway fuck all so far and any free Mayo got was soft in comparison. With a few yellows given already and a Mayo crowd booing every tackle, he’ll give a red to Galway yet.


Tom Flynn wrecks my head.he shouldn’t be on the Galway jnr team never mind this one


RTE, predictably haven’t bothered to take up TG4’s split screen replay innovation.


Yet you’re consistently on here blaming others for anonymous displays from Shane Walsh.



Coen is very poor.


So bad from Coen.


Stephen Coen gives away so much ball under pressure. That’s not his first today. Cost them in the All-Ireland too.


Ridiculously obvious free given away by Mayo defender and Mayo lad looks totally bemused at the ref and shrugs his shoulders like he did nothing. There is some real weird psychology that goes on during matches to disassociate with reality like that.


Trademark jink by Moran. That’s the one that left Mick Fitzsimons on his arse last year.


Loftus thinks he is Joe Hart the way he kicks the ball out of his hand.