2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


I think Sean Cavanagh retiring will be a bigger loss than they currently believe.

I think they will have enough to get by the might of Monaghan, Donegal et al but will fall short when they come up against a good team.


Hopefully Martin Breheny will rank the counties on Wednesday or Thursday in the Irish Independent.


2018 is Mayo’s year.


Them or Dublin for me. Both miles clear of the rest.


I think we can write Dublin off. Once they’re split into 3 in December 2017, they’ll be severely weakened.


The obvious three would be


Eamon Fitzmaurice has a year to go with Kerry and it will be his last year. He wont make the radical changes they need to bring on a new side, so it will be another losing year for the old guard.


I believe he plans on calling Clifford up to the squad and leaving him sit around for 3-4 years to mature.


You’re hurting, mate.


So the semi Finals will be Dublin North vs Dublin West and Dublin South vs Mayo.


Is Dublin West not Kildare?




I think you’ll find if you go down and ask anyone living in East Kildare they’ll tell you they’re Dubs. It’s happened quite a lot in Meath as well, South East Meath boys calling themselves Dubs and playing underage with Dublin. Its a form of Lebesnraum.

You’re welcome to Portarlington.


With the influx of Dubs we should see an upturn in Kildare and Meath’s fortunes in Gaelic football.


You’d imagine it should, but the fuckers brought heroin with them, and well, its fucked, fucked totally.


Their clubs are improving due to Dubs influx but unfortunately for those counties they still have Muldoon dinosaurs on their county board.


Jason Foley will be in full back line, Gavin White in the half back line, Sean O’Shea in the half forward lline, David Clifford in full forward line or at least that is what I would like to see. four under 21 players that could re -invigorate Kerry. Jack Barry be in his 2nd year midfield too and Tom Sullivan started the semi this year in defence. Kerry have to go with these young lads, at nothing otherwise.


Rednecks living in Dublin would essentially be the existing Dublin squad. The other two squads would be very weak and unlikely to pass any drug tests.




K Spillane?


Savage is 23 next year and could be @ 11 starting

Spillane impact sub

Begley did okay last year but injured a bit this year - a bit light needs to bulk up