2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


Ardfert would be well used to guerrilla tactics.


No doubt. Real men don’t take cheap shots like that.

Lucky that big Mitchells lad didn’t collar him


Bily Sheehan has infectious enthusiasm.


I don’t think there was any intent in his punch and he’s not that kind of manager.


Hes certainly a figure who will rise passions.


The performances are never there on the big day under Walsh. They’ve been fortunate to beat an under-cooked mAYO (and under-manned in 2) the last 3 years. The only other victory of note I can remember is the hammering of an abject Donegal. The performances against Mayo, Tipp, Roscommon and Kerry the last couple of years have been putrid.


Nice guy i’d say.

Did he get up early the other morning and go for a walk and post about it on Facebook? ??

To prove he is about nice guy


Not good news coming out of the Mayo camp re: Tom Parsons. He will never play football again and will be lucky if his leg is saved.


Fucking hell


After a dislocated knee?


How could he possibly loose his leg from a dislocation like that?


Very possible with that sort of trauma for damage to arteries. Think some lad lost his leg during a football match in Galway after a double leg break a couple of years back.


Possible alright

Hope to fuck not true


Jesus, really hope it isn’t that bad. Saw a pic of the injury, really wish I hadn’t looked at it.

Fingers crossed he’ll make a full recovery and be back in full health again soon. Football doesn’t matter a damn facing the possibility of something like that.


:smile: I believe a sly dig was thrown


Chicago Bears player last season nearly died as well as losing his leg after an awful injury similar to that. He ended up fine and saved the leg, but has only got back walking recently.



Much more positive than what I heard earlier. Hopefully it’s closer to the truth.


So you were talking through your arse basically?


He caught MS off Lee Keegan