2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


Clifford reportedly had serious talks with Fitzmaurice before deciding to stay. Wonder what sweetheart deal he will get? He’s going into 2nd year of IT Tralee too I think.


A years supply of designer gear from Fitzy’s brother in law.


I hear Oz was never really a runner.


The new spring season will be known as CLIFF. Moher, Eastwood, Barnes. Now add David to that list.


No, I think you’re better off flying, or sailing at the very least.


Thats what i hear and its as much the Aussies are not yet interested either. They often prefer someone to have played senior.

Its gas the way Leen tried to make this a scoop



the introduction of the qualifiers all them years ago was supposed to be the death knell of Kerry as all the strong teams from the stronger provinces would be a barrier at QF stage that Kerry would crash and burn on before the SF. Turns out there was fcuk all coming from these provinces and Tipp\Clare were actually giving them tougher games in Munster , further back Limerick than the QF teams

heck clare turned up as opposition in the all Ireland qualifier series


has Kerry ever produced a proper sportsman mate?


Jerry Kiernan.


and he hates the GGA


GAA director of games administration and player welfare Feargal McGill has said that next year’s All-Ireland football final will be held on Sunday September 2nd.

The GAA had initially planned the weekend of August 26 for the final but that date has now been vacated in the event that Pope Francis attends the 2018 World Meeting of Families’ mass in Dublin.

According to John Fogarty of the Irish Examiner, Dublin is hosting the six-day celebration and Croke Park is in line to stage its conclusion. The final will subsequently be held the following weekend with the football decider then set to revert to an August date in 2019, as per the decision taken at Annual Congress earlier this year.


Are you happy now @The_Selfish_Giant?


I’d say there’s a few junior goalies will be waking up in a sweat over this.


There’s fuck all junior goalies taking short kickouts I’d wager.


None I’d wager.

A pot bellied lad driving it down the field will be the height of kick out strategies.



There’s plenty would struggle to put it 20metres into a breeze.


Not intentionally anyway


Every year Mayo have a lucky omen that doesn’t work so I’m happy to provide one for next year.

Mayo have a 100% record in championship football against Dublin in games played on September 2nd.