2018 NCAA College Football: The Road to Santa Clara, CA

Start of the college football season is just under a month away.

Stand out game of week 1 looks to be Michigan @ Notre Dame. Jim Harbaugh may finally have his QB in Shea Patterson who transferred from Ole Miss.

In other news, Ohio State might be looking for a new head coach as Urban Meyer’s willingness to tolerate misconduct amongst his players and staff looks to have finally caught up with him. He’s been placed on administrative leave while they investigate if he knew about a 2015 allegation of domestic violence against one of his coaches who was only fired last week.

Urban looks to be fucked here.

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Urban is done, they’re just looking to make sure they can fire him and not pay him.

Nobody is bigger than Ohio State. Hard to see him keeping his job

Crazy story developing on the Ohio State domestic dispute story that has Meyer on the verge of being fired.

Yesterday it was reported that the Zach Smith’s (the coach alleged to have bartered his wife) own mother in law said that the wife made it up and wanted revenge on Smith for cheating on her a few years ago.

Now it’s been reported that the current Texas coach Tom Herman, who was Meyer’s OC for a few years in Ohio St., paid the wife of the coach’s legal fees and is the tip off to the press on the story. Some speculating that he is annoyed as a Texas recruit was flipped to Ohio.

Only in America.


College football is a cesspool :smile:

Ole Miss, minus Shea Patterson, off to a good start in their opener against Texas Tech in Cowboy Stadium*

17 - 7

*Correction - NRG Stadium in Houston

Good to be back.


Watching Texas @ Maryland, the Horns look very poor again this year, but this was some catch for the TD. JeShaun Jones the Maryland freshman WR looks a player.

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He’s just thrown a TD pass now, he already has a rushing and a receiving TD :eek:

The big game of the weekend is at 3.30.

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Huskies go 3 and out on their opening possession. Great punt return sets up the Auburn touchdown.

Awful pick thrown by Browning.

Vegas up 14 - 9 on SC :joy:. Early days unfortunately.

Could be a big shock on the cards as #10 Penn State are level with Appalachian State 31-31 with less than 3 mins left.

App State now with the TD lead.

Will Grier and West Virginia will put up ridiculous numbers in that division. Loaded offense.

Penn State level it up with 42 seconds left.

Tear up your Washington and Jake Browning dockets.

They can still navigate the Pac.

If Auburn go well in the SEC this loss won’t hurt them too much. Tougher road though.

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OT in the Penn State - App State game.