2018 World Cup Draw Thread

The tension is building around the draw in Moscow.

No predictions thread guys? Very disappointing.

I’m not bothered. Sad really as I love international football but it’s a hollow tournament without Italy.

Best of luck to Uruguay, hope they win it.

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Indeed. Poor judgement call by @myboyblue to start this thread

I predict great things for this thread over the course of the next few hours.

I predict the Yanks will hack the draw.

Gary Lineker is gonna cause a huge international incident by urinating on the stage and fucking the mic at Putin

I’ll be supporting Argentina, Uruguay, Serbia and Iran.

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Much and all as I detest you Nembo, I totally agree. A world cup without Italy just isn’t right. My neighbour and very good friend from Milan is bereft, I’m actually quite concerned about him.
We have decided to support our Socceroos and try to enjoy the inevitable exit of England as something to lift the spirits.
Germany should walk this but it would be great to see new countries emerge as contenders. It would also be great if no one was killed by Russian security forces or state sanctioned Nazi groups.

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I hope mother Russia get a favorable draw and I’ve a feeling they will.


Saudi Arabia

Pile on.

Why would you detest me, mate?

Disappointed to hear that as I think you’re a great guy.

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Not sure if anybody else will be following Uruguay but ill be supporting them anyway

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I predict the following will occur draw-wise.

Argentina and Nigeria will be in the same group. They always are.

England will get Brazil, Sweden and Australia.

Russia will not get two Asian teams, as a poor quality poster has predicted.

I presume a few Uruguayans will be as well.

The GREAT Tim Vickery IN STUDIO, in England, for BBC.

This ties in beautifully with tonight’s bumper 20th anniversary World Football Phone-In special.

It doesn’t get any better than this.


Uruguay has some team for a country of 3.4 million people .

Very depressing watching this here oh what could have been.



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This is a great tune with a lovely dance.