2019/2020 UEFA Champions League - Round of 16 Draw


You got a great seat at the draw to take that photo.

Oh I did yeah. I didn’t see any Lokomotiv Leipzip reps there though.

Real vs Pep should be good.

Lokomotive play in the Oberliga

Some great ties there. Will be good to see either Valencia or Atalanta in the quarters

God bless you.

Forgot about the Monday draw… Tough one for Herr Klopp.

Pep says Manchester City could sack him if they lose to Real Madrid.

Greasing the hinges of the exit door.

Atleti, Atleti, Atleti!

mane should have been sent off by now

a filthy tramp


This ref seems to be in Liverpool’s pocket. Mane has two elbows and a dive to his name and is only on (1) (one) yellow card.


Origi isn’t related to a footballer

Haaland continuing to get it done. He must be raging he didn’t go to united

Poor George is long since finished. Didn’t recognise that chance for Morata developing at all and then didn’t even seem to notice the slip.

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“Two caps for Spain but he was never a regular.” You don’t say.


Lodi has a sweet left foot on him

Haaland is a fucking beast. You wouldn’t need to send out for multiple scouting missions to see that.


Haaland’s was tremendous. Mbappe did superbly for the Neymar goal too.