2019 LOI season premier division- #thegreatestleagueintheworld


Looks like its SRFC to lose tbh

Cark are shit, Caulfield is a dope
the hapless Paul Clement linked with scumdalk

We just got Jack Byrne who will either be a superstar or be washed up in 6 months

a decent striker and 451 we will walk it

Joe Gormley linked




Is that chump Bradley still in charge of the Shamrocks?



glad to say he is



Be really interesting to see how Jack Byrne gets on.
Hopeful that St Pats can make top 3
In Harry Kenny we trust.
Of course will be hilarious watching the Bohs hipster mouthing off about how special a club it is, as they have another so-so season

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Michael O connor has declared for NI :rofl:
couldnt get a game at rovers or finn harps- is banging them in with Linfield tho - speaking of them Billy Fenlon has left waterford and is now a managing director at the people’s club



think Byrne will be another Conor Clifford - a lot of these fellas cant hack the physicality of LOI and mope off with gambling or depression woes or some bollox
the likes of Shields or that oaf Garland will go thru that fella - it was like the night last may Dave Macallister did a job on Clifford in Tallght - he was never right after that

presume Vinny perth get DK job - fellas must realise that they have 800k coming to them just for showing up at the CL prelims in July and are seeded - if they go thru its another 1.1 million - that kind of money is a gamechanger - im assuning they will try to sign half the league by feburary and will bring in a few more like Checdukas/Adorjan and Tagbajumi- that was their first foray into international players last season- im expecting more …



that’s the fear with Byrne alright

only thing going for him is that he did well in the Netherlands, has the ability alright
Cliffords the career was over the day @Mac picked him out as a future star iirc

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by the way @mickee321

whats your view on UE2

bad for the scotch (@Bandage) good for us in terms of money

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He referenced that exact point in an interview at one point alright

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its all about money
details of it have yet to be clarified but any exposure to to European football is good for our clubs



yep , an increase in fees is what its all about imho



Richie sadlier left cork for Doncaster
Great player who caulfield decided to leave on the bench



Duggy gone to Waterford. Gutted over that but a good move for him with European football thrown in.

Keegan, in turn, has left Waterford and gone to Bray.

That UUCOAM Beattie is also gone from the league, thank God.



Ye fucking wankers, every time I see this Thread or last years one I automatically get excited about the Laugh Out Loud thread.



yeah there is quite an irish contingent gathering in the league below MLS
now there is no promotion / relegation to MLS and i think there is the NASL and another league next to it

Beattie / gadaffi zayed / Kieran Kilduff / paddy Barrett to name 4 anyway
ill try and compile a list of all and clubs/franchises

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Pity to see that excellent Bohs side break up
Shane Supple consistently the best keeper in the league over the last few years retiring so young was very disappointing as he had so much more to give - his performances were outstanding .
presume Keith Long will start again and get another excellent side together



Ritchie Ryan



Duggy is a premier league player mate. He stayed with Lims last time they went down, but a different scenario then. Must be pushing 30 at this stage so, as you said, a last chance for a taste of Europe