2019. Time for lads to get a life and not be spending every waking hour on TFK



Overweight :heavy_check_mark:
Need more education :heavy_check_mark:
Need athletic goals :heavy_check_mark:



What book/ sage is dishing out this advice?


Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins
Retired Navy SEAL and former holder of world record for 4030 pull ups in 17 hours. He’s going to guide us through Q1 2019. We’ll be in the shape of our lives and our minds calloused.


Signing in.


Challenge #1 to be completed by 5th January

Write about the thing that is your weakness and what hurts you. No need to share it unless you want to.


Where would you buy an accountability mirror? Ikea?


I’m on it


4,000 push ups in 17 hours? I’ll pass on life advice from fucking loons who thinks that’s something to be proud of.




Pull ups.


Harry Potter has one I think.


Fuck yeah

image https://www.pottytraining.co.uk/media/134314/benefits-1a.jpg


I want everyone out there to start LIVING
Really LIVING.
Be like the boy, be like the boy.

Now just the ladies

Now the seniors at the back.


Ah lovely :joy:


Electric Picnic is sold out.