2020/2021 Champions League Round Of Eight (Quarter Finals)


Pity the two best games are tomorrow night

Agreed. City will murder Spurs tonight (not like that lads). It’ll be a non event.

What game have RTÉ chosen?

RTE have sensibly decided to broadcast tonight’s clash of European royalty live. A no brainer, really.

Do RTE have first choice on Tuesdays?

I think so.

This is beautiful


In bits after watching that … :cry:

Porto have won old big ears more than man city and spurs combined .


I forgot the CL was back tonight. This scuppers my plans to go for a long slow jog tonight.

Porto are a proper European giant - if Liverpool are going to win Old Big Ears for the sixth time this year we’re going to have to do it the hard way, after having already taken out another giant in Bayern Munich in the last round.

That should have carried a warning.
Watching the Saint getting a bit choked up brought a lump to the throat
I’m drained after watching that

Incredibly poignant - it was so apparent what Liverpool means to him - a true legend on and off the pitch - it would be lovely to see the teams of Saint and Greavsie both prove victorious tonight.

Would you ever jog behind the pram?


Hidden Content as the opening post :joy:
Ajax and Juventus is an absolute belter of a tie and im clearing my desk(s) of all family and professional commitments tomorrow to fully take this one in
tonight is a bit underwhleming in fairness - Spurs will huff/ puff and might even score a goal but the they havent the gumption or wherewithall to do this over two legs one would imagine
Anfield will be a tense 1-0 i think


Have a feeling Spurs might upset City tonight.

The biggest game tonight is the War of the Roses Derby between Preston North End and Leeds United @GeoffreyBoycott

Spurs will beat City if they go for it

Have they the stones to do do?

Not John obviously