2020 Ulster Football Championship

Three whoppers of ties in store this weekend:

Cavan v Monaghan
Donegal v Tyrone
Armagh v Derry

Should be fascinating encounter in Ballybofey, two Ulster heavyweights, two bitter rivals, going at it during an orange weather warning close to the north westerly coastline of Ireland.


I think it is fair to say that of the 10 football games this weekend the three Ulster ties stand head and shoulders above the others.

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Monaghan usually win by 3 against Cavan (2019 aside). Donegal are very hard beaten in Ballybofey although I think Tyrone will rattle them with Canavan and McKenna on form. Very hesitant nod for Donegal. Finally I think Armagh will be a real dark horse in Ulster this year and should account for Derry comfortably enough.

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I give Derry every chance against Armagh and are great odds a 2/1.

Playing in a stadium with no fans should also be of great benefit to Derry.

Geezer is making progress with Armagh. The likes of Rian O’ Neill should give them the impetus up front to win. Derry didn’t get promoted from division 3 did they? Lost out to Down?

Derry have better defenders than Armagh, wouldn’t have the same attacking talent but are arguably a better balanced side.

Glass is back from Australia now and started in midfield last week and in McGuigan they have a forward who can win games by himself.

Should be an interesting tie, at 2/1 though it’s hard not have a nibble at Derry.

Glass was very poor last week, I doubt he will start Sunday. Armagh are too inconsistent though, they were very disappointing against Roscommon and seemed to have a fairly aimless gameplan. Its a 50:50 game but neither are in the running for silverware.
Monaghan will beat Cavan, the other game will probably be decided on a few referee decisions.

Who’s showing the games?

Forgot they have Rory Gallagher in charge too. They could be better than I had anticipated. Did they reap much from those minor teams who contested an AI semi-final and final in 2016 and 2017?


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If Donegal keep the ball moving in quickly and don’t slow it down in midfield, like they can be prone to doing, they should edge it.

No one will lay a hand on them

Serious group of forwards in Donegal but Harte always finds some way to confound them.

Cavan-Monaghan on Sky. Throw in at 1.15. Best of luck to former Wexford manager Seamus McEnaney and his charges.

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We should really have a sticky with all the fixtures and tv and steaming options.


Great sound effects on Sky there when the Cavan defender got back to dispossess Ryan McAnespie.

Any way to turn those fucking sound effects off?

I’d say so but I can’t figure it out.

This doesn’t really help you.

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You just press the ? button on the sky remote and change audio description to on.


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Brilliant goal from Cavan.