2021 All Ireland Football-Covid is a cod tyrone style

2021 All Ireland SFC final will be on the weekend of July 18th.

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It’s fallen nicely for us, we’re noticeably, nay, unequivocally better on good to firm going.
These Spring/Winter mudfests in yielding to heavy ground mitigates against our natural flowing game. We’ll walk Connacht and see how we fare later on. Optimistic and all as I am you’d have to imagine Dublin will be favourites.

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I thought you’d given up on it ?

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I cant wait for this.

When is the draw?

Werent the Cork Footballers filmed doing likewise?

I don’t know,did the cops turn up there?

Some wan came across them and put it on twitter, I think it was posted here somewhere.

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What cunt is over the Down footballers nowadays?

I see Boylan is with the U20s, I trust he does the right thing here and step down in protest.

County teams have to stop training now because Martin wants to get over to Washington for his Paddy’s Day junket.

Some jokeshop.

Paddy Tally has to go.

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There is no way Wooly will be able to resist having a cut on twitter


Ah if only

David Clifford dropped.

From captaincy of Kerry.

Paul Murphy announced as new captain.

Would you not think that Clifford was a bit young to have placed that on his shoulders anyway?

Have Kerry dropped their traditional method of the captaincy?

No, Murphy was part of the East Kerry in 2020 because Rathmore were relegated.

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