2022 Turds

Williams is on your IR list. He’s healthy.

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3 teams tying the lead now in the west on 7-3. @carryharry putting himself back in the mix for a playoff spot too. Some good scores again this week.

My big guns didn’t fire this week which spelt bad news for my top heavy team. I’m at nothing without 60 points from Allen and Kupp.

Yeah you got a nice start with Jeudy gutting injured on the first play of the game. Lucky to grind out a win after that. Unless Sanders pulls a Mixon this week

My tie isn’t over yet… Goddert could have a big one tonight.

It’s done, congrats pal.

I don’t think so… I should hold on but i can see Godders having a big night. Washington are decent enough shutting down the run but have a poor secondary… Brown will see the double up, leaving Smith and Godders to do wreck and me losing by .06


Sort your roster

Congrats @Mac

My WR corp picked a lovely week to amass 10pts between them, the cunts.

My Playoff dreams are extinguished

Would you give over ffs sake

3 v 1

Exactly. You’ve only to get lucky once. I need to get lucky 3 times

Ah stop

You got lucky 3 times

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Jesus, I hadn’t given myself much of a chance there?

I’m sick

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I think the playoff spots are more or less wrapped up now with 3 games to go. I’ve 10 wins, @Biff_Egan has 9, @backinatracksuit has 9 and @Thomas_Brady has 8. @carryharry has a slim outside shot, but needs the other teams to lose their games and he has to win all of his. 3 of the 4 are the top 3 scoring sides, quite often you find anomalies or someone fluking into the playoffs. @mac probably the unluckiest, only 18 points less than trackie, yet he is 11th and trackie is 3rd. Pretty much every other position is relative to points scored.

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Injuries & poor selections fucked.

Every time I thought the roster was set someone was injured…

Cream has risen to the top as you said. Hard to see past yourself or Biff now

I could easily lose my three remaining matchups. Reliant on the @Gman juggernaut to defeat the Spliffs

No easy games in this league at all. Yourself and trackie posting 170+ this week are good scores. Any given Sunday. Some tasty fixtures in last 3 rounds that will also be playoff games too youd imagine