2023 Champions League Round of Four

Man City vs Real Madrid. The biggest and most eagerly anticipated game in world football in decades.

Ac Milan v Inter Milan. A local squabble on the greatest stage.

I’m not sure there’s been a better Champions League League Round of Four. Ever. Possibly never even in the history of the storied European Cup.

Lets get it on.

Beating a Serie A team in the final will be an asterisked victory for City. Like Tipp beating Antrim in 1989

Be grand

I hope Real Madrid win this with 32 completed passes.


Jacker coming in for some treatment here

City being rode here

You’d have to admire Reals cynicism here

Gundo and Jacker have taken serious treatment. A proper tie this.

What a fucking strike!!!

That was incredible from Vini Jr



Its happened again

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They need to bring Haaland on


That strike woukd give you a horn from every angle

Daragh moloney is seething

Ventriloquist is some shaper

He made city look like dummies

Madrid are purring

And kicking

If Haaland was playing he’d have been on the end of that.

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