2023 Failed Rugby World Cup Bid & does anyone remember the Interpros

The forum is a bit quiet these days, any interest in a bit of debate on this? Seems to be gathering momentum in recent weeks.

I’m sure this would please patrons of this forum no end to see this noble tournament come to these shores, but the buzz around this thing does seem to be growing a wee bit. Is it really a possibility? Obviously its no an option without the GAA’s involvement, but in the end money talks and the GAA wouldn’t be adverse to turning down a few quid you’d imagine, especially with reports coming in about County Boards and Clubs in precarious positions.

Of course you’d have issues regarding accommodation and transport but lets be honest, New Zealand is no picnic in this regard either. I read somewhere recently a piece about the numbers and attendances at the games, and you’d imagine the country could easily manage what NZ took on.

Like I said, it does all hinge on the GAA for the most part, but is this really as ridiculous as it may once have sounded?

Do you not have to pay the IRB a ridiculous amount of money for the “right” to host the event?

Locke started a thread on Ireland hosting the RWC a few weeks ago :shakefist:

Now that you mention it… :strokechin:

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Regarding having to pay the IRB, I am sure we could get some generous benefactor to cough up the loot. There does seem to be a bit of momentum growing behind this, all they need is for some yahoo from Leitrim of Roscommon to bring it before Congress and we’ll be off.

I am against it on the grounds that rugby is shit and supported by insufferable dickheads.
We already have enough dickheads in this country without encouraging dickheads from other countries to come visit and act like dickheads for a month.


Is it 8 stadia that are needed?

There is no real need to have the GAA venues used(Croke Park aside) Every European nation that has hosted the RWC has used stadia in other Eurpean nations whilst hosting. 10 Venues are needed, Croke Park, the Aviva, Thomond Park, the RDS, a redelevoped Ravehill and one of either the Sportsgrounds or Mugrave Park could be redeveloped. Add the Millenium stadium, Murreyfield, Twickenham and one French venue and the jobs a gooden.

They’re not as bad as the dickheads who post stories about rugby before they break even though they hate the sport…

10 i believe is the magic number. South Africa did it with 9 venues in 1995 but there was only 16 teams in the competition

Sorry Mac, I should have excluded you from the dickheads comment above.

Apparently the final venue has to be able to hold more than 60,000 which rules out Lansdowne Road. How happy would the IRFU be to host the tournament only for their flagship venue to lose out on the final to Croke Park?

Dont the IRB want just sole hosts of late? Would prefer to use what GAA stadium are suitable already rather than pump more money into renovating other stadia also if we could. What ones would be suitable were it to come to pass? There’s none in Cork, Pearse in Galway would be an option, McHale Park has been renovated, but would it be viable? What else are out there up to standard at this point? Semple? Fitzgerald?

Not very, but a pot of money would help salve that wound you’d imagine were it to be successful.

Given that it is 11 years away and if we were to get the tournament i presume that the IRFU would look to increase the capacity of the Aviva by redeveloping the short end of it

What would allow them do it this time that didnt allow them do it last time out?

Pretty sure England are using the Millenium stadium in 4 years time and they would have no shortage of venues. From an IRFU point of view, the way they earn their money from it is from ticket sales, it would make far more sense to have just the aviva and croke park here as venues and use three 50K+ venues across the water in order to maximise ticket sales and it would also mean that less expeiditure would go into developing Stadia in this country and not adding to list of White elephant grounds we have already

It was mooted around the time the Aviva was being finished off that once the stadium was paid for that the IRFU would look to finish it off and build up that side. Given that the recession had hit it wouldn’t have been prudent for them to try and buy the residents out, but with the promise of a WC i am sure they would be able to get it done

Would much be needed to upgrade Pearse, Thurles, even Casement rather than the holes that is Ravenhill or the Sportsground?

Didnt realise England were using Millennium. Strange decision.

That’s fair enough but it kinda ridicules the point about hosting it then when 30 - 40% of the games are being held in another country.

Are there specific rules that all stadia used have to be all seaters or is terracing allowed?

There was grass banks in use in New Zealand if I remember correctly.