2023 Summer Transfer Window

I really hope that’s true. A good player but not worth gambling 120-140m million on.

Anywhere but Liverpool for Jude it seems

Klopp has a big job on his hands. I wonder would he sell Salah?

I think they will sell him. Probably still get a decent fee for him from someone like PSG.
They need a couple of midfielders and they will be alright again. I never thought they would or could go for Bellingham at the fees being quoted. I could see them going for Rice and one other. Kovacic could be an option too. Contract at Chelsea running down and they need to sell some players too.

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Don’t think Klopps style of play will enthuse many World Class midfielders to the club.

He’ll pick up a couple of 15 - 25m players and engrain a rush about the place ethic.

I’d have questions about his management ability of genuine world class players.

Mane wanted off.
VVD seems to have downed tools.
Salah has been patchy recently.
Trent seems to carry on as he wishes with impunity.

Selling Salah may be a bit of a gamble as goals are lacking without him.

No chance.

He’d cost around 100m. And if that weren’t prepared to spend that plus a bit on Bellingham…

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If I was to have one fault with Klopp it would be his delay in freshening up his squad. Mane has really only been the one to leave since 2018 and he wanted out. I think the signs of that are showing hugely this season.

Sure if they bought Bellingham they’d flog him in pre season and he’d have done a cruciate by October.

Will rice fetch 100m. West Ham and Moyes might make those noises but he is not going to get that for him. Maybe 75 or 80 which Liverpool would pay.

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Mane wanted $$$ and the club didn’t want to pay it.

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce I will no longer be pursuing my interest in Rachel Stevens.


Klopp allowing Madrid a free run on Bellingham to get Tchouameni.

He will fetch it. He’s a regular England international playing at top tournaments. Grealish wasn’t even that at the time.

I’m not saying that the fee is warranted by the way.

It’s like Sancho at Dortmund- there’s a premium on English players coming home. Bellingham looks a far better player than JS too.

Attacking players all look good in Germany these days.


Reo Hatate will be available for 20 million i would think. Be a cracking signing for Liverpool. Run all day and technically excellent.

Piss off

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Coach Klopp has worked miracles.

I’d back him to build a third great team.

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