2024 BruidheanChaorthainn betting thread

I like him a lot but the fav will be a tough nut

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Got cleaved out of it at the third-last but the jockey had put him into the race too early anyhow

I can’t fancy ethical diamond enough on Tuesday. He just wins. He’s been seriously leniently handicapped. Two singles and doubles a long with a trixie.

Best of luck lads.


What a horrendous ride there.

He must have gone lame? I thought he was coming to win

A desperate start to the month. I’m not sure what the pilot was at there in the last

For ffs @Mac , can you please keep your smartarse thoughts to yourself in future.

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Last I saw the thread had been shut down? Maybe it should have stayed that way.

Anyway, we all know night is darkest just before dawn

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I sometimes I wonder why I even bother.

You bother cos it’s proof of your horse genius.
You bother cos that’s just your game.
You bother cos it fucks off the lambasters.
You bother cos you’re celebrated by weirdos on the internet for it.


I’ve not checked in here in a long time. When was the last time @gilgamboa 's kids had a fish supper?

Odd the way you just randomly checked in with chucks starts having a go Again :sweat_smile:

I responded to Juhy. I’ll always read a Juhy post.



Big ego?

4 e/w doubles with ethical diamond who runs in the copper horse handicap in ascot on Tuesday.

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Moved to Friday now?