8 years and 39 million quid

and yet still no integrated tickedting system for public transport in dublin. what a shower of fucktards

Bring back BenShermin.

Is it not 11 years and 50m, Art??

Fuck ye cunts in Dublin.


get a driving license.
only cripples use public transport

well mickee, living in israel surely you should be aware of the benefits of a well run train system

SS, thought it was 2002 for 22m, then in 05 they said 50 mill and another 2 years now they say the total is 39 mill and comes in 2011

Ah right, I was counting from when this shit was initially announced. My plan would be to simply acquire the same smart card technology boxes, hack out whatever Betamax style pieces of incompatible shit they’ve stuck in Dublin Buses, Luas trams and Darts and stick in the one compatible fucking box. End of story.

good solution ss, another alternative would just to borrow the oyster card tech from london transport, typical shiote in ireland though, those cunts should be shot in CIE, especially after the reports inot safety