9/1 Bet For This Week End

Football treble


Good stuff Skint, was looking at 2 of them, not sure about the Gunners without Fab though. Those inconstant cunts in Villa are capable of anything. More of a fiver than a 25 bet for me.

Hey skint, can you post those up here. I can’t get on to your ragball rovers website in work

Its Sunderland, Arsenal & Bolton all to win on a treble, 9.6 in Powers.

Worst treble ever

Just because you are boring and unwilling to take a chance Runty doesn’t mean the rest of us aren’t*. :rolleyes:

*[size=“1”]I’m not taking that bet on though.[/size]

Spurs will rape Liverpool this weekend. Literally.

What price Clarkey on the raping? Is it individual raping or a collective effort?

Spurs 11/10 to win. 4/1 to rape.

Think I’ll have a bit of Spurs -1 at 3/1. Haven’t had a punt in months.

I’d be slightly concerned on the -1, they haven’t put a serious run together this year yet, usually 2 good games, one bad. They should win though and i’ll definitely be putting something on them.

I’d like longer odds on the rape though, if Torres is out i’m not sure how interested Kaboul and the lads will be interested in the raping.

Ah Raul Meireles is a nice bit of stuff.


I am the punting king around here for the past 9 days so don’t be talking rubbish.