A Collective Noun for Cunts - Your Suggestions

It’s time to establish a TFK-endorsed collective noun for the cunts that populate various walks of life.

A Shower of Cunts or a Bunch of Cunts are overused and the creativity of TFKers should come to the fore here.

I’ll start with A Souptaking of Cunts

Your suggestions please…

A treaty of cunts

Shower of cunts works for me.

A bus lane of cunts

A clatter of cunts

A squad of cunts

A troop of cunts
A bellowing of cunts
A brood of cunts.

a parliament

A shatter of cunts

Or a smug of cunts

a cunt of cunts

A Darcy of cunts.

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A catalogue of cunts.
A smorgasbord of cunts.
A plethora of cunts.

A cuntstabulary of cunts

[QUOTE=“artfoley, post: 921941, member: 179”]A shatter of cunts

Or a smug of cunts[/QUOTE]
A shatter of cunts-that’s the one.


there they were in their cuntitude.

A flange of cunts.

a vulva of cunts

A bicycle of cunts.

I was gonna go with Dáil, but that works too :clap: