A new low for rugby

Joseph Ntshongwana, a retired top-flight rugby union player, appeared in a Durban courtroom yesterday charged with the brutal murders of three people, who he attacked with an axe.

Reports earlier in the week had suggested that Mr Ntshongwana carried out the attacks in revenge for the rape of his daughter, who, it was claimed, had been infected with the HIV virus.

However, South African police said yesterday that there was no evidence that any rape had taken place. Instead, a police spokesman said that “the motive is evil-orientated. Rape has been ruled out.”

Lawyers for the 34-year-old former Blue Bulls player argued that he was mentally unfit to stand trial. The case was adjourned to allow for medical tests.

Mr Ntshongwana was arrested earlier this week when police found him at his home with an axe and bloodstained clothing.

Residents of the Yellowwood Park, Lamontville and Umbilo suburbs of Durban said three men had been murdered last week. At least two had been decapitated with the head of one of the victims being found a mile from his body.

Khangelani Mdluli, a resident of Lamontville, said he survived an attack: “He stopped the car, jumped out with a plastic bag… I thought it was a gun.” Mr Mdluli said the attacker was shouting: “You think I’m stupid? You infected my daughter with HIV.”

As South African law protects the identity of suspects until they appear in court, Mr Ntshongwana’s name was not released until yesterday. The killings had threatened to ignite racial tensions, with many in the predominantly black township believing that the suspect was white. Mr Ntshongwana is, in fact, black.


A bad day for SA blacks, a bad day for South Africans, a bad day for the Blue Bulls, a very very bad day for the 3 lads who got “butchered” :wink: , but not a bad day for rugby to be honest.

How well known is the chap that got charged? Was he capped by South Africa? Was he a good player or what?

I’ve never heard of him before but I hate rugby football.

Thugby exposed once more as a game for scoundrels and ne’er do wells.


England international James Graham has been suspended for 12 matches for biting Melbourne’s Billy Slater during Sunday’s NRL Grand Final.
The Canterbury Bulldogs prop and former St Helens star was banned following a three-hour hearing.
The ban includes England’s two upcoming Tests against Wales and France, plus two trial games for Canterbury.

Graham was found guilty of biting Slater on the left ear during a first-half brawl at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium.
Slater made an on-field complaint to officials, who noted that the Australian international full-back’s ear was bleeding.
Melbourne won the game 14-4.

Saw that at the weekend. Very clearly caught on camera. Sickening scenes.

The silence from staunch rugby supporters such as Gola and Runt is sickening here! Let’s be having yee!

An abomination of a game.