A new low for the GGA - part 2

word has reached me that prominent down GGA players gang raped a woman

anyone else hear this?

About fucking time :clap:

about fucking time a gaa player raped a women? you are really one sick puppy runt

have the Down players been found guilty, we don’t know all the facts so it is a bit crass of you NCC to say they gang raped her…I think you mean that they are alleged to have gang raped her, innocent til proven guilty and all that craic like

thy have been found guilty in her majestys courts

what sentence did they get?

This is what happens when we let english people play Irish games. They bring the soccer ball antics in to it.

If the birmingham six has taught us anything it is not to trust the British courts, I am sure these lads are innocent…

10 years penal service in van diemans land:rolleyes:

I’m absolutely certain they are.

Them Down players are only trying to copy what a Wexford club team were accused of late last year / earlier this year

Rape. Ah no, they just surprised her with sex.

i didnt think you would leave any value on what her majestys court has to say ncc,birmingham 6 guildford 4 an all that ,they were found guilty in her majestys court

NCC you will be sickened by this as I was at the time. You may have missed it at the time as you’re not a GAA fan. It appears to be endemic in the culture of the games at this stage. These guys think they’re god.