A new low for the GGA


Pretty shocking really. While Spillane is a arrogant windbag, there is no excuse for thuggery.

Shocking stuff that, the man is just saying what he believes and doing the job he is paid to do. Some supporters are a little bit too thin skinned and should stay away if they cant handle some criticism.

Sidney have you been attacked by Donegal supporters who may have read some of your post criticizing their teams style of play? :slight_smile:

the odd thing is that they probably rent even diehard fans as their league attendances are pretty low

That’s disgusting, poor Pat. I hope the guards have a significant extra presence in Dublin the weekend of the final to deal with these gougers.

An attack on Pat Spillane is an attack on the very fabric of Irish society.

I utterly condemn it.

This disgusts me. To my very core. Donegal getting a lot of bad publicity of late.

It’d make a bit more sense if it was after they lost. Bizarre.

Angry nordies, angry nordies, wo-oh, wo-oh.

Not as yet but one of them did burn me with a cigarette in Quinn’s after a Donegal v Armagh All-Ireland semi-final some years ago.*

*It may have been me that burned the Donegal supporter, but I can’t be sure.

The cunts.

I suppose every county have their collection of village idiots that like show that they are hard men when they get a chance to get to Croke Park. I don’t know if it is just when teams get to Croke park you get this sort of behavior from a few, does it happen at other grounds around the country?