A New Year's Coup

I’m delighted to announce a forthcoming WUM by @anon7035031 which was brought to my attention. Unfortunately for his cunning plan, @KinvarasPassion replied to the website email address instead of directly to a PM and has revealed the contents of the plot.

I’d ask all of you to be considerate enough to pretend to be taken in by this sophisticated ruse. (Those of a sensitivite disposition can take solace in the refusal of KP to comply with Labane’s wishes).

Remember, this is probably the culmination of many weeks work by Labane, so please do take the time to pretend to be gripped by the unfolding drama.


@KinvarasPassion. A Galway Simpleton I think it was I called him yesterday.

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Bye guys, nice knowing you all.
On behalf of the SG/NC branch, wishing you all a prosperous and peaceful 2017.

Is he sad or asleep?

Why is @ironmoth not coming back?


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You wouldn’t have seen the Mulliance nearly brought down by a member doing something so silly.


Them walkie talkies were a serious investment.

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I’ve single handily destroyed the Emma Louise Crew.

Suck my baws.


I have absolutely no idea what is going on


I don’t either tbh.

Take care mate

The internet is very serious business it seems. A certain faction have been in league on various topics and on the direction threads should take and are upset because @Rocko and @Bandage banned their ring leader again.

It’s bizarre carry on for men in their 40s

Who are the Nogra lads tho?

The yank has been sent home from Limerick with tea in a mug.


I never got to ask him why he wanted to know had I a beard? I fear the ELC and the now infamous Nogra lads have a plan for me.

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Is @Ambrose_McNulty gone too.

Good riddance

I’d never leave you.


Are you one of the Nogra boys that Labanne didnt trust?

I googled nogra and it seems to be a pharmacy in Dublin.