A suggestion

We should ban (ban is too strong - choose not to engage in) all Covid talk from midnight Saturday to midnight Monday. Take the weekend off. It’s not good for lads mental health to go round and round on this every day. It’s getting duller and duller.


Would.it not be a case of don’t dip into a thread/s involving that subject?

Or hard lockdown on all threads involving it?

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Was thinking that but 10pm Friday to 10pm Sunday would let lads enjoy the weekend, the sport etc. Or just avoid the threads. It’s been a while since there was an original thought in any of them.

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You could just ignore them


That is also true.



To be honest, you can just ignore the thread.

A good fair rule might be to keep the covid-talk off any non-covid thread. Any off-topic covid talk should be flagged/removed.

lock it down, and lock it down fast and hard

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If that was the benchmark we’d have no Limerick threads left at all


lads are starting to crack, the lockdown fanatics are in control

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Who ratted on your brother?

Easy kid. My song lyrics are allowed on any thread.


the neighbours or else a mobile guarda patrol

Holahan Holahan Holahan

I’m glad you’ve realised where you are in relation to that thread.

I’ve been doing my best to help lads see sense.

I’d advise you not to use a crane to crush a fly.

The OIUTF cheerleaders want a lockdown :smiley:

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If you need to talk send me a PM, pal.