A Thread For Appendage

Off you go, mate- this is all yours… Enlighten us with your insights.

Bumped for @Appendage

cat got your tongue appendage?

There does not appear to be a spelling mistake, or a poorly constructed sentence yet, so @Appendage has no interest.

Thread of 2015 so far.

Just wait until @Appendage posts in it and ruins it

Like garlic to a vampire.

Lots of photocopying to do this week.

Thanks for dropping by to say hello this evening, mate.

He’s staying here tonight ahead of an obscenely early flight tomorrow and has laid his clothes out for the morning on the ground like a massive roaster:

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What does the trophy relate to?

is he going to a prep school in victorian times?


Is he wearing a pair of blue suede shoes and black socks with a pair of salmon coloured Bermudas?

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you’ve had to wait a few weeks to get your revenge over his revealings of the infamous “all the points in an underage final”, but fair play, you held out for the long game and waited for the right opportunity rather than rushing in all guns blazing at the time.


Is he auditioning for War of the Buttons 2?


You can get some decent stuff in penny’s these days he’s obviously thrifty as fuck

Well, there was this big match I played in and…

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Looks ship shape, recently polished.


Not a short sleeve shirt in site. He’s come on in leaps and bounds

That’s an awful floor

He’s having a shocker so far by all accounts.