A thread for lads who like to Siesta

I’m thinking of adding a siesta into my day.
Say 45 minutes to 60 minutes. I feel it would add another 5 per cent to my performance and get me closer to the magical 110 per cent.

Any lads have any experience of this they would like to share.

I’ll post up my experiences, siesta locations and attire.

Speaking from experience it’s great,when you know it’s penciled into your crazy afternoon schedule you’ll move heaven and earth to make it happen. I’m on one now until 5:00pm ish.

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A lot of lads on here would lack the self confidence to go for a siesta.

It can be handy on 4pm conference calls. Not so effective or advisable on video calls.

Sure the call centre supervisor will whip the call centre monkeys if they stop being monkeys.

You’re in crisis

This will work well with the early risers thread

A real failure to imagine their own reality from a lot of lads on here.

Too busy lashing out on rugby and politics threads.


We have a contemplation room in the job for such an event.

I wouldn’t like to contemplate the reaction if it was used on a daily basis.

I’d often have one. Especially if I need to be at full capacity.

If I know I have a difficult evening I’ll have a power nap after lunch, 40 minutes. Leave myself 30 minutes before tearing into it then.

You’d be raring to go

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