A Thread To Log Horsebox's Lies

@chewy louie[/USER], [USER=332]@Julio Geordio[/USER] and [USER=1786]@TreatyStones[/USER] have badly exposed the cunt, [USER=1537]@Horsebox

Like the people kev knows thread, we have unfortunatley arrived at a point where we need to start logging Horsebox’s lies.

His teenage years years were spent learning about Longshore Drift while off his tits on LSD.

He had homemade carrot and coriander soup for lunch yesterday.

Would " lies that @Horsebox has told" make a better title though.

An abomination of a thread. Derivative of the famous Kev thread which should exist in its own right without this “Oasis” copycat effort cropping up. Dungeon please, admins. @Mark Renton needs to take a long, hard look at himself too.

Agreed. If I start a thread to log failed threads @Mark Renton[/USER] has started such as this one and his best bands ones can you please make it Official [USER=9]@Bandage?

+1. A bullshit thread hastily put together by Renton attempting to have another dig at me-he’s a sneaky fucker who needs to be watched…carefully. At least he fixed the spelling mistake in the title the stupid prick.