A Wexford Wedding

A great day out on Saturday. While others were hanging their heads in sadness over the twin towers, ArtFoley was joining an exclusive club of wedded TFKers.
Welcome to the club Art.

Yours in having a little too much of your potato gratin though,

Are we to take it you were in attendance GSH?

how did Macs best man speech go?

Were we not all there? I thought there were some nods and winks which made me think I was among many other TFKers. Anyway, back to the beach here. No work for GSH this week. Just as well.

Yours in,

Best wishes Art.


well done Art

She’s a lucky lady Art. *

  • It was a lady, right?

Congratulations Art! :clap:

Well done, artfoley. :clap:

thanks for all the good wishes lads, it was a great day in north wexford and everyone had a blast.

just recovering from the honeymoon before returning to work tomorrow

Congratulations and all the best for the future, art.

cheers dunph, unfortunately though, the cake didnt go down well in all quarters


You have no class bro.

Congrats Art - money well spent (on the wedding, not the bride) :stuck_out_tongue: