Aberedeen v Celtic


Ntcham still out, Christie suspended. Elhamed and Bolingoli had to go off Thursday night so if they’re not 100% we have cover in these areas so I wouldn’t be taking any unnecessary risks.

I’d go with the following team:






We have a big squad but seem to carrying a lot of injuries at the minute


I haven’t fully given up on the likes of Kouassi and Arzani yet so hopefully they can get fit and get their chance.

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Frimpong and Rogic for Elhamed and the suspended Christie.

Frimpong wasn’t registered for the Europa League but has been excellent in his two appearances to date, admittedly a gentle enough introduction to first team football at home to Partick Thistle and Ross County. A different test away from home to these hammer throwers.

We lost at Livingston after winning at home in the Europa League a few weeks ago so we’ve been forewarned. Maybe we could have made at least one other change - we looked collectively off the pace in that previous defeat. Lennon says we’ve been studying quick turnaround games to identify patterns and to see if there’s anything that can be changed to the preparation to benefit us.

You can be sure Aberdeen will be direct, physical and hardworking so Celtic better be ready for it. The likes of Jullien totally lost his composure against Livingston.

Any Glaswegians in this team?

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Edouard has been terrific.

Frimpong is very quick and energetic.

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I think we’ll see an Aberdeen red card today. They’re very frustrated and rash as usual.


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What a goal.

Frimpong is a gem of a player


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Bitton for Jullien at the break. Hopefully just precautionary.

Edouard is a strong, strong boy. He’s really got good at using his power in the past year.

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I really hope we are no longer interested in Mckenna. Obviously up against a classy striker but he’s a plodder

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Ajer is having some game with the ball.

Yo ho ho it’s off we go what do you know it’s 9 in a row BYE BYE Rangers, Celtics on the ball again on our way to make it 10 BYE BYE Rangers

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It would be a remarkable result in most leagues to go to the home of a side who finished 4th last season and 2nd in the 4 seasons before that and have them routed 0-4 by half time. Aberdeen are also the third most successful Scottish league club, their 4 league titles admittedly a little bit behind the 50 that Glasgow Celtic in second place on the roll of honour have won.

Was that a remarkable result for 9 in a row chasing Glasgow Celtic today or more indicative of a Mickey Mouse league?

Man City were 5-0 up against Chelsea in the first half when they met last season, Chelsea are the 2nd most successful club in the EPL honours list and finished that season in 3rd position.

By applying your logic, I can see that you support my theory that the EPL is a Mickey Mouse league.

Four different winners of the EPL in the past 8 seasons. Likely to be 5 from 9 with Liverpool going to win the title this season.

You’re big into the Mickey Mouse one team leagues. Glasgow Celtic on the cusp of 9 in a row in Scotland, which will be a third 9 in a row in just over half a century in the Scotland league and Juventus on the cusp of 9 in a row in Italy. Do you not like competitive soccer as opposed to the Harlem Globetrotters exhibition type stuff that is the Scottish and Italian leagues?

That’s great Dan but it’s completely irrelevant to your previous post which when I mirror the logic you applied in it to a similar situation, it concludes that the EPL is a Mickey Mouse league.

It’s cute that you’re trying to backtrack now but I think it’s important your initial post is examined on its merits.

I asked the question was it a remarkable result for 9 in a row chasing Glasgow Celtic or more indicative of a Mickey Mouse league? You’re the one that went off on a tangent about the EPL on an Aberdeen v Glasgow Celtic thread claiming that a league which this season will produce a 5th different winner in 9 seasons and last season provided all four finalists in the two premier European competitions was a Mickey Mouse league. Here’s what I said.