Abortion Referendum Thread


Time we matured as a nation




Await the women haters


Every single one of them should be banned.


What’s this about? Sounds like a new fad. I love a good fad I do


The abortion cheerleaders were out marching today.


Getting stuck into a new fad for a couple of weeks is a lovely little tradition I have


Abortion/murder should not be allowed. I hope they were beaten off the streets.


Ireland is really going to the dogs. A lot of people laughed on here when I predicted after the homosexualist got their way that abortion would be next


Who laughed?


The sanctity of marriage has been destroyed


Don’t worry mate, it’s not as if you’ll ever get married.


Does your beloved UK not allow abortion/murder on demand tossy?




I’m having a massive ongoing argument right now LIVE with my girlfriend about this thing the last two hours. She is massively against it and is red hot when she hears anything about it. Of course I started it by sending her a picture of those women on that march that I knew would drive her mad. I think every woman or girl should be allowed choose themselves. I’m not that bothered by it though but she’s so fucking self righteous about it I feel compelled to enter into a full blown argument. Its like arguing with a real life @caoimhaoin or @Nembo_Kid though.




Abortion is for very very very selfish people.


What about the right to choose?


Hardly. She’s right, which is one obvious difference.


Fanny fuck your right to choose.