Abortion Referendum Thread


Would have been better if she was bigger.
What a guy.

I see they are going to recommend unrestricted abortions for everyone up to 12 weeks.
That will seriously lessen the chances of the Repeal side winning.


I don’t think everyone has to get them.




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She wanted to ban UFC as well, so thats a plus too.



Jaysus the pink one isn’t great.


They don’t look too lovely there


Women are crafty.


Guys, we cannot allow abortion to be legalised.

Actions have consequences and unborn babies should not be the ones who lose their right to live because of the mistakes of others.




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The Vatican will pay for my ticket mate


Get her to pay for your flight and then vote against repealing the 8th. It would be like voting twice.


she’s already shown a penchant for murder, it’d be a risky move


Surprised no one mentioned the court case today upon which the decision could decide if there will be a referendum or not


All focus here in on proceedings at the Laganside Court.


Looks that way


I struggle to see how a verdict either way would prevent a referendum. It’s about interpretation of the current constitutional provision. Given the government are arguing against the extension of its application in court and are proposing to repeal the constitutional provision in play in the referendum, I would have thought it furthers their case for holding it if anything.


Yea . Fair comment. Why then would the government appeal the original high Court decision if it was having a referendum anyway?
Genuine question


I caught something on the news there about issues around the make up of the citizens assembly? What’s the story?