Abortion - Yay or Nay? Labane and Sid talk American politics, Codegreen ponders on the cost

India times leading with this headline in wake of Savita case.

Ireland Murders Pregnant Indian Dentist

If there were a referendum in the morning how would you vote? In cases like the above it seems like a no brainer, but then you look at introducing it to the public at will and you see cases of women almost using it as a form of protection and getting 4 or 5 abortions carried out. Where and how do you draw the line?

I heard a stat that 12 Irish women go abroad each day for an abortion, I was shocked to hear it was that high, but regardless, if true, then we already have abortion in this country. Go the rest of the way and be done with it.

Bloody hell. That is some headline.

12!! I would have said one, or two a day at most. That’s shocking if true… We never act in this country, always a case of reacting. If that stat is any where near true i’m sure the powers that be are well aware of it, yet continue to ignore it as long as it is not happening here and dont have to deal with it.

I believe there is to be a demonstration out side the Dail saturday, headlines like the above will add plenty of flame to the fire. It’s ten years since the last referendum, a lot of older religious folk have died off since then and the church is in no position to be lecturing on morals. Be interesting if a vote was called in the next year or two- cant see it happening tho.

Slightly OTT alright, mate, you murderer.

I remember our old law lecturer in college calling the current situation with females travelling across the water as ‘an Irish solution to an Irish problem’. You can’t have an abortion on the island of Ireland but you can go to Britain and have it. Always seemed like a cop out to me.

Legally you can’t go abroad either. If the guards are notified, they must stop you.

I don’t think it’s OTT to be honest. It fucking embarrassing. The Irish Government has ignored this issue for years. They should be held accountable.

I’d agree with that also… Archaic is how our society can best be described at times.

Is anyone willing to say yay or nay?

I’d vote yes- to introduce abortion.

Its a ridiculous headline worthy of a redtop. Regardless of the Govt’s inadequacies, no one was “murdered” and definitely not by “Ireland”. It’s completely OTT.

Needs a poll.

Potentially a strong case for manslaughter.

[quote=“habanerocat, post: 724563”]
Legally you can’t go abroad either. If the guards are notified, they must stop you.[/quote]

Are you sure? Thought that was no longer the case, that right and the right to information were recent additions.

So not murder and just potentially a manslaughter case. Good, we’ve cleared that up so.


Cold blooded murder. It has been confirmed by Indian media outlets.

While the jesuits have a stake in the legal profession, the bishops hold a sufficient number of hospitals and the local PP holds the national school you wont separate church and state politics.

id be against abortion in urban areas but i believe it should be encouraged in rural areas. muldoons should be given tax breaks for having abortions

Opus Dei Kenny won’t touch this with a barge poll. He’ll fudge around the issue like all before him have done.

Yeah we should call India and tell them the Irish state only committed manslaughter on one of their citizens and they’re completely overreacting by calling it murder.

That would seem to be an over the top reaction. Much like the original headline.