Absolute Hatred of Marion Finucane

I absolute hate this excuse for a woman. I cannot stand her. Sign in here to show your hatred of her

Miriam O’Callaghan is worse.

There is no surpassing Marion. Working 4 hours a week. Getting her researchers to do all the work for her. Last year she took 2 months holidays when alot of people could not even afford a holiday.
Absloute hatred

All those cunts that work for RTE FF are hateful fuckers. Bishpp Joe Duffy, the skinny fucker Tuburdy, Brian I wont ask any hard questions Dobson, Pat the plank Kenny, the list goes on. Hate all the fuckers.

I wouldn’t put Dobson on a par with the rest of them but Duffy and Kenny in particular rile me no end. Their self righteousness is unbelievable given their position as extremely highly paid ‘entertainers’.

Very misogynistic edge to this thread. Marion is a true professional.