Adam Carroll

Good to see another Ulster Irish lad roaring to success.

Adam Carroll is convinced he can be a Formula One title contender if given a chance.

Carroll recently confirmed being approached by two F1 teams with regard the possibility of a race seat for 2010.

However, more doors could yet open for the Irishman after being crowned A1GP champion on Sunday with Team Ireland.

Given the prospect there could also be 13 teams on next season’s F1 grid due to the proposed 40million budget cap, Carroll may get the opportunity he craves.

With time still on his side as he is only 26, he said: 'You have to sit back and look at the fact Andretti Green are in this (A1GP) championship with Team USA.

'My plan was to win this and hopefully go and sit at a table with guys like them. They know me now. I’ve met them, and every weekend they’ve watched me drive.

'That’s been very good, and if opportunities in America open up, that would be very good.

'In F1, again, I know people do rate me. I’ve proven that any doubts they have ever had, they don’t need to have.

'I knew they didn’t, but you still have to go and prove yourself in life - I can qualify, I can race, I can overtake and I can win.

‘I believe I am a strong enough package that given the right opportunity, I can fight for the world championship in Formula One.’

After three seasons in GP2, F1’s feeder series, as well as racing in DTM and now A1GP, Carroll certainly has enough experience.
It is now just a question of whether any team will take on the man from Portadown.

‘I’ve beaten most of the guys on their way there, and hopefully they would say the same about me if asked the question,’ added Carroll on

‘I know my situation is not like theirs. It’s been different, and it’s made me into the person and driver I am today. But I’m ready to do the job.’