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As I noted here during the election campaign we made a decision to try and move house due to the ongoing neighbour problem we have been having anti social behaviour noise bins not being collected etc. Anyway to cut to the chase we had an offer accepted on a house in early Feb and our own went sale agreed a few weeks later. So far so good. Obviously then the current crisis hit and we were fully resigned to the whole thing falling apart. Our buyer is an Indian chap that manages a restaurant in town and we were fully expecting him to withdraw his offer. However our solicitor told us this week that he had been onto his solicitor and he had got mortgage approval and is keen to exchange contracts in the next few weeks. The missus is an FC for a pub group and she is being kept on for the moment, my own job should be ok as well for the moment.

We are in a quandary as to what to do should we stay and continuously put up with shit from next door or take the plunge and move in these uncertain times? Our current mortgage is less than 30k and we will be resetting to around 150k if we move. All contributions gratefully accepted.

Move. Carry on with the plans you had made. They were good plans then and are good plans now.

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Carry on mate.

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I’d bite the hand off him if I were you.


Agree with @TheUlteriorMotive here. If you’ve got approval, take it now. If your other half is let go, you can claim the moratorium. If you let it slide, you could end up having to reapply. Fuck knows what the banks will lend when this is all over.

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If you cant move home to Limerick the offer would be a good back up plan. Go for it. This crisis will end soon hopefully and wouldnt it be great to have a new start to go with it.

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We’re also on the brink of a whopper of a recession. You’re selling high.


Move. Sell.

Are you buying high or fair?

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No money is worth living next door to cunts


I’d wash it first

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150k mortgage isn’t too bad if that’s the worst case scenario


Home should be a haven.
That is all.

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Cheers lads


This makes it sound like you weren’t sure about the move even before the virus. However, some thoughts come to mind (all of which have probably already been said):

  • Mortgage approval might be very hard to come by post-virus.
  • 150k mortgage between two is pennies. One of you could probably handle that on your own if push came to shove. You’ll get through it quickly enough.
  • You sound like you’ll be happier if you move. Your Mrs especially I’m guessing, it sounds like she’s really driving it. You sound like you’re too good for this place and you have to take care of your family and all that jazz.
  • You’re selling high.
  • You might also be buying high but if you’re looking to make a home I don’t think that’s a problem.
    -Ironically now might be the perfect time to move in practical terms (ie. you’re both off work)

On balance you should move. It sounds like your real problem is just that you always had doubts about taking on extra debt in the first place.


Have you threatened the neighbour with punishment beatings for continuation of cuntish behaviour. A frightened neighbour is a good neighbour


Get out if possible. Caveat emptor to him but if he is still buying go for it. You seem like your secure in your own situation.

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18 emails to the Housing Department in the Council over the last 3 years and cc’ing councillors we know and nada has been done. We got our solicitor to send a letter to them last week to see if that will jolt them into action.

It came to a head 2 weeks ago we were woken at 1:15am to screaming and roaring next door and we could hear her being assaulted. Rang the :policewoman:t3: and 8 of them turned up as it was the first night pubs were closed. She was outside by the time they arrived and her face was battered. We could hear her telling them she didn’t know who did it! Anyway we saw three rough yokes and another young one leaving. She was carted off in an ambulance and kids went off in a paddy wagon. All returned the following day. Where the fook are TUSLA?!!!


People are still buying. A house on our street (a very beautiful house on a large block with a fantastic garden) sold for $1.1 mil today. Went on the market 2 weeks ago, current owners bought it for 1 mil 2 years ago. They’ve painted the exterior but haven’t done anything else to it. I was astonished when I saw the sold sign today.

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