Advice on living in Cork?

All advice welcome - I am really gonna need my online bezzers to get me through this dark, dark time.

Avoid Cork people. They are deviants.


I’ll put you out of your misery on Sunday, pal.

where you thinking?

Drugs are pretty easily got. Enjoy.

Drink Beamish and go to Turner’s Cross?

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Break it gently to the player whatever you do.


Isnt the simple answer, don’t?

East is best

It will be on the Southside I imagine…anywhere between Douglas and Garryduff…be another 2/3 months.

Is @Joe_Player looking forward to starting college in UCC?

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Sadly, Joe will be staying behind but will be in very good hands.

We all better be invited to the House Warming you utter cunt of a man.

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Don’t mind the lads in here. Cork is a grand place to live