AFL Grand Final Preview - Collingwood v Geelong

Two of Australia’s biggest sides go head to head in a mouth-watering clash of unquestionably the top two teams of this season’s AFL. Collingwood only lost 2 games this season, and Geelong 3. Significantly, Collingwood’s losses were both to Geelong, one of which was a huge defeat in the last league game of the season. And this will be a big factor going into the game, in many ways." rel="attachment wp-att-2620]

Injuries have played a part in the build up to the game. Geelong lost young star Daniel Menzel in their opening finals game against Hawthorn, and have key forward Steve Johnson as a doubt, although he is cleared to play. Collingwood have already lost Dayne Beams to injury, and have doubts over ruckman Darren Jolly and key defender Ben Reid. If Jolly is not 100%, I can see Geelong dominating the stoppages, with Brad Ottens and Trent West two capable ruckmen who would dominate the Collingwood backups.

As for both sides, Geelong have done remarkably well for a team who lost their star player Gary Ablett this season. Not only that, but they lost multiple AFL winning coach Bomber Thompson. Their side has had a huge turnover in players, and they have some really good young players coming through. Tom Hawkins and Travis Varcoe have both finally stepped up and turned their potential into reality on the field. With Christenson, Duncan and West, they have brought through some very good young players and coach Brad Scott has to be credited with keeping a good flow going with mixing a hugely experienced side and young recruits. Their back line have all won premierships, and they still have one of the best midfields about, with Joel Selwood, Jimmy Bartel and Joel Corey leading the way. Their forwards are good, not spectacular, and have the potential to be shut down. But if the midfield get on top and get the ball in, then Podsiadly, Johnson and Chapman have the ability to run riot.

Collingwood have done much the same as Geelong in mixing some good young players into their premiership winning side. They recruited convict Andrew Krakouer who has the ability to do some spectacular stuff, as well as sitting on his hole doing nothing. Faasolo, Toovey, Blair and Sidebottom have got more game time this season and have really come on. And as good as Geelong’s midfield is, only Collingwood’s can match it. Brownlow winner (he should have won it last year) Dane Swan, Dale Thomas and Scott Pendlebury are all excellent players. They have a good back line, but can be caught out, especially at half back. And their forwards are limited enough, if Travis Cloke (who had a great season) doesn’t fire, then I would not like to rely on Dawes or Brown to get the scores. Alan Didak has struggled with injury all year, and has not hit any good form, so a big day is needed from him.

I think Geelong will win this one. Collingwood have not had good form in the last month. They struggled over West Coast and particularly Hawthorn who arguable should have won. Geelong disposed of both those sides with relative ease in comparison. And then we have the fact that Geelong have the wins over Colingwood this season, with the last game being significant. Collingwood wont be as bad again, but Geelong know what to do, and know where to target. It will be a cagey enough game, Collingwood can be slow enough starters, and both sides like to break quickly. But I feel Geelong have the better half backs and half forwards, and this will be key to getting the ball out quickly and into the forwards.

Gman’s Prediction: Geelong 88 - Collingwood 72

Some phrases that will be heard uttered during the game:

  • J-pod , what kind of shit nickname is that.
  • Who is that thick cunt in the shiny Collingwood jacket in the crowd, and why do they keep showing him?
  • Fuck sake, even I could have kicked that one.
  • That Dane Swan has some amount of tattoos on him.
  • Where the fuck is that Harry O Brien from? Brazil? Seriously?
  • That Leigh Brown looks like some dozy cunt.
  • What the fuck am I doing up at this hour on a Saturday morning?
  • Jeez that Selwood is good. Some lad to get on the ball and throw his head in.
  • Some attempt at a mark from Thomas. Pity he missed it by a mile.
  • How did Johnson score that? That's some goal.
  • Christ that Travis Cloke better score this one.
  • That Cameron Ling is one ugly bastard
  • Thank fuck that's over. Going to kill Gman for convincing me to watch this shit.]Read the full story here