African Cup of Nations

Did anyone see what Andre Bikey of Cameroon just did in the semi final against Ghana?

Cameroon were 1-0 up very late on and Song went down injured. The medics came onto the pitch to tend to him along with the team physio and things were proceeding as you’d expect with any injury. The stretcher was produced and just as they were about to roll Song over onto it, Bikey for no apparent reason ran from about 15 yards back and pushed one of the medics / stretcher bearers to the ground.

It defied any logic and he simply seemed to go momentarily nuts. It was his own team-mate getting attention and the medics hadn’t man-handled Song and they weren’t overtly rough with him or anything. In addition, they were winning 1-0 and the break was allowing them to get their breath back and steel themselves for the last few minutes.

Anyway, the referee was standing right by the incident so he didn’t hesitate in showing Bikey the red card as his shove was completely unprovoked. Now he’s suspended for the final on Sunday!

Sounds quality - didn’t see it unfortunately.

That’s great stuff. Any clips? Did Ivory coast win?

Egypt thumped Ivory Coast 4-1 but I didn’t watch that game.

Haven’t seen any more clips of the Bikey incident but I’m sure they’ll surface on the net at some stage tomorrow.

Fucking bizarre

That is absolutely brilliant. Top drawer psychosis. Can’t wait to hear if he comes out with an explanation.

In fairness it’s believable that the medic was up to no good, that’ll likely be the attempted justification for it anyway.

Some sort of voodoo/witch doctor stuff going on and Bikey had to free his team mate, or Bikey was under the hex and was made do it is my guess.

That’s what I was thinking. Dark arts in the dark continent.

Bordering on racism here, I really want to say something but will probably get me banned.

Have you ever checked out the KKK website. They’re pretty fooked up individuals.

Cameroon turn Ghana over by 2-0 to make the final.
Missing a clatter of first choice players, not expected to get out of their group.
Fair play.

Tonight’s final line ups.

Kick off 7pm.

Good to see FAI involvement in this auspicious occasion.

Fuck me what a goal.
2-1 Cameroon
That must be it. Fairytale stuff.
Injury time left.

Substitute Aboubakar gives Cameroon an 88th minute 2-1 lead!

A strike as devastating as ISIS against the Egyptians.

3 minutes

Possibly the worst ever free kick of all time

Arsenal-esque from El Neny.

Cameroon Abou.

They win 2-1.

Up your bollix Matip.


Tremendous commentary from the oracle of African football, the Springboca Junior, Mark Gleeson, on BeIn Sports.

Lovely to see some goals in an African Cup of Nations final for a change.

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It never ceases to amaze me how much African footballers do for their home countries. Eto’o donated food for a hundred thousand people in Cameroon.