Aiden McGeady today

Just in case some of ye don’t bother reading the Celtic thread, I thought I’d post the highlights of the Celtic - Aberdeen match today on their own thread. Aiden was sensational again. If you watch nothing else check out his goal (2:45) and especially his second assist (5:30).

Neat little finish by the young scot.

Looking at the highlights it’s clear Celtic got lucky. Should have been 1-0 down and on the rocks if that fella hadn’t missed the open goal. Close escape.

That was sensational by Aiden today. Truly world class.

Any chance of a big club coming in for him in the summer?

Unlikely, think he’d need to prove himself in the Championship first.

Doubt he’d go anywhere for a few years to be honest. He’s improving hugely with Celtic and getting great coaching and he’s clearly lovign it.

He signed a 4-year deal this time last year but contracts mean feck all in the modern game. That said Celtic should be offering him a 10-year deal with whatever he wants included in it from hookers through to video games or whatever else the young Michael Flatley lookalike is interested in.

Celtic are the biggest club on the planet. Or am I mistaken?

Biggest Club in Ireland anyway Flano.

'Twas funny yesterday when McGeady went the length of the pitch near the end after we broke from a corner and slotted it wide and the Celtic crowd responded with a ‘Sebo, Sebo, Sebo’ chant to him. Also, the stuff with Robson and McGeady before the former scored with his first ever touch for Celtic was entertaining. As the whistle went for the freekick, Scott Brown lashed the ball into the net and you could see Robson, who’d literally just come on, scampering into the goal after the ball so he could get it and take the shot. McGeady then wandered over and seemed to be trying to get the ball off him and Robson was refusing to hand it over, like a fat kid with a Mars bar. Then he buried the freekick - great stuff.

McGeady said afterwards that he was only joking with Robson and told him he’d better score the free kick because it was the only one he’ll ever take because Naka has first choice then Aiden.

Have to say I was impressed with Robson’s cameo. Reminded me a lot of Thompson in his prime.

I don’t like McGeadys big scottish head. It really is a a big scottish head he has flopping about on him

That’s great Flano. Well done.

I don’t really see what I’ve done but no problem there Bandage. Glad to be of service.

Flano is saying what we are all thinking. Fair play.

Chill Shan - I was praising Flano there. Conversely enough, I’m impressed by the ability of one person to possess such stale banter and to share it on almost every single thread, even on topics that appear to have no interest to him other than trying to stifle other posters’ discussions, is no mean feat and must be very time consuming for him. As I said, well done. Well done indeed.

To be fair I have always thought this and just thought I’d get it out there.

Spot the big Scottish head:

Good man Flano

his second assist there was outrageous. sublime piece of skill.

[quote=“stevie G”]Good man Flano

his second assist there was outrageous. sublime piece of skill.[/quote]

No problem.

Yeah you really need to pull out all the stops when Falkirk are in town.

If he has a Scottish head then so had Ray Houghton. And John Alridge had an English head. And Andy Townsend, Mark Lawrenson etc etc etc…

So why pick on McGeady? I can only think it is trying to wind-up the lads which is pathetic and utterly tiresome…