Airey Neave

Making decapitation a fashion statement.

Just a short hop to Sloane Square.

The brains of the operation for all to see.

Driving a convertible. Show off. Head off.

Some fucking neck. With nothing on the end of it.


Going underground.


Tory MPs can easily lose their head under pressure.

Are you Totti in disguise?

Totti and Manuel Zelaya.

I’ve got all parts of the political spectrum covered with my various alter egos.

signing in:pint:

I believe he was INLA-head in an explosion.


Some people say that Airey was headstrong but that obviously didn’t turn out to be the case.

You do all know that it was his legs and not his head blown off dont you?

He was very neave not to check under his car.

He was believed to have been armed before the blast but police could not find any arms on him in the aftermath.

all the west brits coming out of the cracks.
nessan quinlivan will sort you out

A slight correction there, Rudi. One arm was lying on his torso. The other one couldn’t be found.